Property with virgin forest

Below you can see the entire 151,116sqm Property as seen from Google Maps.

Note:  Sambulawan Bay is named tinagong dagat as well on Google Maps. Not to be confused with the 8800sqm Saltwater lake located on the 15ha property

bird's-eye view of the 15ha property
bird's-eye view of the 15ha property

Property size: 151,116 squaremeter - this includes 8 landtitles:


lot 1 @ 10,889 sqm

lot2 @ 21,205 sqm

lot 3 @ 18,652 sqm

lot 6407 @ 25,366 sqm

lot 6408 @ 24,746 sqm

lot 6409 @ 24,314 sqm

lot 6410 @ 25,375 sqm

lot 14 @ 569 sqm

 (this is a titled private road : length 94.83m)


The location of the property is less than 2km distance to Sipalay City.

the property contains 5 private beaches, all white sand(each 50m-60m length),

a tinagong dagat(tidal saltwater lake) covering 8800sqm.

There is a cave at one of the above mentioned beaches.

The land area of the property is shaped like a peninsula. Its main shore is facing west, which is almost entirely covered by a large coral reef

One can find all the five beaches, which are each enclosed by rocky green forested coves on the west side of the peninsula.

Its east side is facing sambulawan bay, which is commonly known as hidden sea.

Sambulawan bay is in fact a large lagoon surrounded by small islets and corals. the water inside the lagoon is very calm but clear, which makes it perfect for boating.


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